by b1ack c0wboy

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released January 19, 2016

All tracks unless stated otherwise are written, produced and mastered by Antonio DeJesus Fernandez

Bloom and December recorded at Vessel Sound Studios

Cover art by Tim Laskey



all rights reserved


b1ack c0wboy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hailing from the wilds of Philadelphia, this young rapscallion is, like, totally cool and junk...

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Track Name: To The Skies
Some fall when the wind it deserts them
Some rise to the wind and they fly

Open up your vision
Look down the open road
Someday you'll get there
And find your path alone

Don't be sad you're leaving
For now I'll wish you well
Don't let me stop you
From finding where to dwell

Remember when we were younger
We had so much to show
And now we wander
Just where did the time go?

So long, it's time to leave it
There's no need to cry
I know you see me from here
Spread your wings and fly
Track Name: Kilimanjaro
You gotta try
You've got one shot to show it
Don't let it pass you by
Cause when it's time
The world will finally know it
You'll either laugh or cry

You see it beyond the mountain
So steep it, engulfs your mind
You're feeling the pressure mounting
Your heart beating inside

The ones that fade out and come in
They'll say that you're nothing
They're always about themselves

Those times you'll feel like there's something
You need to live up to
But don't let em win

Shake off your inhibitions
And step into the light

You gotta try
You've got one shot to show it
Don't let it pass you by
Cause when it's time
The world will finally know it
You'll either laugh or cry

You're living
It's freeing, almost beautiful you
Think too soon
And double back in front of it
You know
That falling means you shouldn't quit
The future's laid out
All you have to do is follow it

Let's see this time
Let's see how far you climb
The earth is pulsing with life
The beauty felt inside

Let's see this time
Let's see how far you climb
The mountain's calling you now
It feels like just the time

They always said you have to look ahead
(I'll see the top on my own)
It's time to show them where you want to go
(I'll see the top on my own)
Don't let no one dismantle all you've done
(I'll see the top on my own)
Track Name: waves

Return to the sea
Track Name: Savanna (Walking Away)
Another night

Here again
We hope to God
This party never ends
Anything to hold us back
We're flying free
Till we're falling all
the way down
Every sense of trouble
Never seems like
It'll ever stick around
We don't even need anyone

I'm Having
The time of my life
Still going
Don't want to sleep tonight

Holding out for (But now you're falling apart)
The final summer (And you've got nowhere to start)
One more the road (The side that everyone sees)
No sense and no hope (It ain't me)

No home now
(Another night)
I'm lost in my life
Searching for
(Another time)
Somewhere to sleep tonight
(To stay)

This feeling
(Not going home)
It has to fall on me
(Don't wanna be alone)
There's no one
(I'm fighting it)
That's holding out for me
(To come back here again)

Where do I go
To find who I am

Where do I go
Only I know
Can't you see
I've been searching for my home
(Where do I go
To find who I am)

I'm only falling for a little while
Don't worry
I'm only stumbling when I'm feeling down
Don't help me
No point in starting on a new road
Can't stop me
I'm only struggling for a little while
I'm sorry

Where do I go
Only I know
Can't you see
I've been searching for my home

Where the sun shines
And it's all fine
Never said
I was running away

When the night falls
I feel normal
Hiding out when I'm
Taking the mask off

And I realized
All of the signs
It was then
I was walking away (Walking away)
Track Name: December ('Cross The Tundra)
When winter finally comes
Running towards the frozen sun
Track Name: Amazon (Wild N Free)
You always thought about leaving it
To find your own life anew
Living out in the wilderness
Just like the animals do

Really looking to take that step
They make it look so easy
Nothing to keep you from moving on
You're living wild and free

Wish you had the time to do it
All your plans they fall behind
Hurry up and try to prove it
Take what you really desire

Suppose you think I should start today
Remove these shackles of mine
But I'm still scared of what's yet to come
Don't wanna start at the worst time

Running out into the unknown
To lay it out before I get old
What's the matter you
Never knew
It's better to
Find what you love

Wish you had the time to do it
All your plans they fall behind
Hurry up and try to prove it
Take what you really desire

And they think you won't go for it
All the doubt in their mind
Wait and see how things are as you
Try to live in the wild

You don't know where I am going
That decision is mine
I will say that at this moment
Now I'm feeling alive
Track Name: Tales Of The Dancing Forest
I Know
You're feeling all alone
While the
Whole world keeps spinning on

Who cares if no one's listening
You're part of
The ebb and flow of everything

It's all here
None of those things you can control
So lay back
And try to make the world your own

Now here's something you can't believe
The story of
The rhythm of the dancing trees

You want to see them grow
So long you're probably waiting
Too small for much
Too big to pass em by

Hold on a little longer
Those questions are answered
And maybe you'll see
What's waiting inside

Put your ears close
And hear them singing
(I think I can, I think I can
Don't stop me now)
They're set to go
No time to waste on
Feeling out of place
They just head
Where the wind blows

They said the trees are restless
But now they feel like dancing
They'll prob'ly keep you guessing
Till one of them has something

I'll tell you what to do
You've gotta pass the grass at night
Make an offering too
Something that helps them make the party right

And here's something you won't believe
The forest
Exists right here in you and me

I remember the tree that fell on me
On the floor while I'm bleeding out
And you're thinking that he can barely speak
So you don't wait too long
To run away

From the top it's an easy choice to make
At the bottom you'll need to look up
Maybe then you could find a way out

Don't keep it under
It's really gotta come out
Giving it life that's really
What it's all about

It's all new
Don't lock your thoughts away
It's alright that you failed
Oh you'll be fine to start again

It's not you
Just take a little time
Don't worry, you'll be fine

Don't doubt yourself for too long
Or else you'll be caught in the vines
Choking the breath from your lungs
Making it harder for you trees to survive

When you fall they wait to take you
And they'll have you
Believing in the lie

You'll never feel like it's enough
No matter what the forest has become
The fleeting memory of the setting sun

(What is real)
Track Name: head in the sand
Oh great lets fight again
And we're starting every night
Oh sure just blame it all on me
Searching for an easy way out

Every day I feel like taking slow (Better play along)
And my energy is running low (You're not a friend of mine)
Cause when you're going off like that (Shut your fucking mouth)
I sit here hoping that you never come back

What do you even know
What are you even saying
Kicking me down
What do you even care
Make me wanna leave again
What other women and children?!

Always fighting gotta have your way
Almost thought that maybe we'd end up ok
All this yelling you can't understand
When will you take your head out the sand
Track Name: Down By The Bog (Swamp Twang)
Track Name: Call Of The Jungle King/Visitors